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Jonathan got his start working with James “The Amazing” Randi in 2003 handling applications for the famous “Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge” and helping run Randi’s “Amazing Meeting” in Las Vegas for 13 years.

Jonathan has worked with BP, Discovery, the United States Military, and other Fortune 500 clients. He is the host of “Symbols & Secrets Podcast” where he talks shop with the world’s best mystery performers like Nate Staniforth, Nick Locapo, Brent Braun, and more.

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Is this another Facebook group?

Nope. We have invested in a fantastic suite of tools that allows us to have our own community, chat, articles, event scheduling, and more.

We didn’t want our ability to connect with you predicated on the whims of the Facebook algorithm. As a consequence, we searched high & low for a solution that fit our needs perfectly.

We’re confident you’ll be impressed.

Who is this for?

Mainly anybody who is ready and willing to make a serious effort with professional level Mentalism.

If you enjoy Mentalism as a hobby and as a way to make friends, then that’s great. We do too!

The main difference is understanding that there’s so much more to making a living with Mentalism beyond the methods.

So, if you’re ready to dive into the business side of performing for a living, then we can help.

How is this delivered?

Several ways. Membership gets you into a closed group where you’ll have access to articles, live zoom hangouts, chat, polls, questions of the week, and more. This is the strong community part of the equation. It’s tough to find other high quality performers who are interested in the business side of “show business.”

Secondly, if you take a course there will be some that are mostly text so you can read at your leisure. There will be some that are video based. Some will be a live workshop that we’ll record for later. In that case you have the chance to ask questions in real time with the workshop, but if you buy it afterward, you won’t be able to get direct feedback in the moment.

But, you will always be able to leave comments or ask questions for each section, and have your question answered right away. Each course is a living document that constantly improves with your feedback and response.

What makes this different from all the other horse fertilizer products out there?

It’s battle tested guidance from a full time professional who has been in the trenches making it happen over the past two decades. 

The quality of the material is top notch; no half-assed PDFs here that leave you more confused than when you started.

Everything is well thought out, and focused on helping you get up to speed as quickly as possible.

Why should I trust you? I've never heard of you.

You might have heard of me as “Jonny ZAVANT” which is my stage name.

Regardless. . .

I make my money speaking, performing, consulting, entertaining, reading signs & portents, and many other ways of leveraging my Mentalism skills to clients who understand the power of applied psychology to transform their business.

Now I want to show you how it all comes together.

My background includes working James Randi for several years, working with Brian Brushwood as his tour manager + right hand man for the early days of Scam School, entertaining the troops overseas, working the college market for over a decade, working corporate functions, and more.

I’m not big in the magic world because I don’t invent tricks or get hired by too many magicians to entertain their companies.

Instead, I’m busy out there doing what most mentalists wish they were doing: make good money doing Mentalism.

My philosophy is that the more great Mentalists that there are in the world, the easier time we’ll all have getting bookings.

One bad Mentalist makes it harder on everyone to make a living, and I don’t want you to make life harder on me, so I want to teach you how to do things the right way if for no other reason than to help myself.

But, ultimately, I love Mentalism with everything I have to give, and I want to share what I’ve learned with people who will appreciate it.

I think that’s you.